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Back to Work: when creativity is still on vacation but your customers don’t!

If you wonder why opening a new Illustrator document you only see the beach, the sea or the cabin where you spent the last week, do not worry this article is here for this: you have returned to your desk but your creativity probably, She’s still sipping that maracuja cocktail you can’t forget. Here are the 6 #GraphicTrends that will make you back to being super productive this #September.

Below I will list 8 Trends for next fall/winter 2022 with examples, images and videos. I recommend if they will help you like the article or re-share it with your colleagues.


The trend of 3D design is still ongoing, evolving and is gaining ground further, as it offers endless possibilities to designers, and gives space to everything you can imagine.

From hyper-realistic 3D images that blur the line between digital and physical, to highly creative mashups with 2D and paper-cut elements.

Especially in this last part of 2022 we will see a real partnership between 2D and 3D in both animations and graphics.

Graphic by GRAMM

This trend is very adaptable to all formats, from illustrations and animations, to web design and typography. It is becoming particularly popular for app design.

Graphic by Julio Cope

Graphic by Tubik.arts


Last year, gold design was a trend that had innovated and that I aimed to imitate realistic physical gold and so give three-dimensional designed objects a real look.

The trend has now shifted towards glass and crystal with incredible 3D realism to take graphic design to the next level.

The same goes for the trend of blur, which appeared first in 3d graphics, is gradually taking place in apps and interfaces in general.

Below I want to show you other examples of background, animations, graphics that mix the glass effect, to the Blur to the oleographic, just to show how much this trend is influencing the Visual.

Also, if you haven’t already seen it I suggest you go and see how Microsoft communicates and explains the new Fluent Design System for Windows 11 .


This trend has as its protagonist the typography that breaks the standards.

Anything that breaks the order is welcome and is meant to surprise, amaze: a single letter could be flipped, larger or smaller, in a different font or completely missing. It could be a couple of letters in a small text, following a different pattern than the rest of the letters to reveal a different message.

It’s the perfect way to emphasize and draw attention to something specific. In 2020 the Big Font Page was trending in the design of the interfaces of websites, this trend partly takes over and changes adapting it not only to web interfaces, but also to apps, content for social networks or even to the classic printed graphics.

Did you also think of the #SquidGame logo ?


A traditional art that has found its evolution in digital is paper cutout.

Such a technique has roots in the Han dynasty in the 4th century AD after the invention of paper by Cai Lun. A simple symmetrical circle seems to be the first surviving piece of paper, marking the beginning of this art form.

In digital it translates into multi-layered collages and overlays. It is a trend that is increasingly taking hold and exploded in 2022.

Cutout Papers are most popular for branding, especially on business cards, brochures, and package designs. We also see them in greeting cards, books, and recently in animation and web design.


Users are constantly bombarded with digital content on social networks, on television or in advertisements, so it becomes increasingly difficult for designers to create products, websites and apps that emerge and capture the user’s attention. That’s why visual appeal is as important as the quality of the content.

And what are the best ways to ensure that your design stands out?

The use of bright colors, precisely Candy Palette, or real palettes that you can find online, which are eye-catching, gaudy and magnetic.

Don’t get me wrong. Pastel colors are still our favorites, but if you really want to make a bold statement and spread even more positivity, the Candy palettes are a good choice.

TREND 6 (and maybe my favorite)

Surely the most fun trend and that is able to collect all those already listed is that of 3D characters.

3D characters have invaded the graphic design space in applications, websites and animation. From hyper-realistic characters to hardcover characters to abstract or geometric characters, this trend has revolutionised communication.

Since an image is worth a thousand words, here are some amazing examples of the trends of 3D characters that are on the web, I am sure that so your creativity will return to the office with you!


I don’t know if I’m really going to be able to cheer up some of my colleagues or if I’m going to be part of that weird process of creating, but I’m sure that reviewing what’s going on in communication this year wasn’t wrong.

The 2022 Trends are eccentric, sometimes stunning and denote the influence of the 90s in each of these trends. Which do you prefer? What do you think will evolve in 2023? Which do you use most frequently?

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