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  • Ludovica Di Giulio

Brighter and more fun: Instagram back on the crest of the wave

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The Instagram gradient is one of the most recognizable elements of the famous platform for sharing your special moments with friends and family.

With a view to a restyling of its brand image, Instagram has decided to give liveliness and a new dimension to its characteristic feature.

Also according to the 2022 trends, largely inspired by the 80s and 90s, where the use of neon colors was the basis of the graphics and fashions of those years, Instagram has chosen to keep the same colors but renewed, brighter.

In particular, the new gradient is the result of a very unique process. Rose Pilkington, 3D digital artist and motion designer, used an innovative 3D modeling process.

In addition, the new gradient is used in the new and famous Instagram labels, there is a new style for the most famous stickers: the gradient is applied to the place icons, tags and hashtags.

👋🏻Instagram Sans

Even Instagram has the new and highly customized Font, designed and built on the basis of its logo, Instagram Sans - yes this is its name - is a recognizable font and that strengthens the already powerful brand image of Instagram.

Instagram Sans is a whole family; there are 4 weights, Regular, Light, Condensed and Bold.
Add Bold Scripts and Scripts.

It’s not over here: Instagram Sans has a feature to which, perhaps, we are not yet accustomed. The typographical design, in fact, usually includes only the Latin alphabet. On Google Fonts, for example, only Noto presents the Arabic and Thai options.
But the Instagram community is global; therefore, the new font has been designed to maintain the same visual and accessibility values even in the Arabic, Thai and Japanese alphabets.

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